Guy Gross Music Composition Film and Television
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work experience with Guy gross


Guy frequently gets contacted by young composers and students who are interested in work experience. He is committed to giving back to an industry that has been tremendously generous to him over the past 30 years.

Before contacting Guy, please consider clicking on the following the links.

Guy also hosts a casual monthly composer's lunch as part of the Australian Guild of Screen Composers. Anyone is most welcome and is a great place to meet other composers. They take place at 1pm, on the last Wednesday of most months. More information can be found at the AGSC Facebook page:

Guy occasionally accepts high school students for work experience but it is difficult to confirm due to the irregularity of his schedule. He is able to offer career advice over the phone and occasionally invite students to sit in and observe while he composes. Please send a 1 min video of yourself outlining why you would benefit from one of these opportunities.