Guy Gross Music Composition Film and Television
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Guy Gross - MUSIC

Tango Underpants

Short film.

Shark Girl

TV Documentary.

The Landing

Short film.

East West 101

The teaser to the third season of the award winning SBS TV Series.

Farscape Peacekeeper Wars

This is the trailer from the Mini Series.

The Fairweather Man

A clip from the documentary about the great Australian Painter Ian Fairweather.

Unkle Chatzkel

A clip from the award winning documentary. Recipient of Best Music for a Documentary.


A clip from Ep 222 from the SCI Fi TV Series. Recipient of Best Music for a TV Series.

Who Killer Dr Bogle and Mrs Chandler?

The trailer from the top rating ABC Documentary.

The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

A clip from the iconic Australian feature.

Bordertown Ep 4

From the ABC TV Series. Recipient of Best Music for a TV Series.

A Model Daughter

The award winning song from the Telemovie. Performed by Wendy Mathews.